Thursday, November 13, 2008

Local Company, National Scope

All real estate is local...unless you need a service in another county or state. As an agent or loan officer, you know your local title folks. You see them in your office, on the soccer fields, or at church. You know the local customs, and if you need more detail on a particularly tricky transaction, you know exactly who to call.

At Mid-Atlantic Settlement Services, we get the local thing... Ask a national title company what a Maryland ground rent redemption is and they will get halfway through their underwriting manual before they give up. They may not know you need to record in Virginia before disbursing funds. Deed of Trust? Is that a handshake agreement where no documents need to be signed because the parties trust each other? We can answer those questions without looking them up.

As "local" as we are, we are more. As a Title Resource Group (TRG) company, we are one of 25+ title and escrow companies disbursed across the U.S. If we don't have a direct operation, we have an affiliated company or law firm that can handle the transaction.

Have a Maryland, Northern Virginia or DC closing? Give us a call? Need help somewhere else? Give us a call, or click here for a map of all of our companies.

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