Saturday, April 4, 2009

Current Short Sale Trends (VIDEO)

In this video, Harry Yazbek discusses current trends in short sales. What's the biggest change from 6 months ago? Are short sales getting approved more quickly now or are they taking longer? What's the #1 delay in getting short sales approved?

Should you have any additional questions regarding short sales, Harry can be reached via phone (703-946-4470), email (Harry[dot]Yazbek[at]MASettlement[dot]com) or Twitter (@HarryYazbek).

Legal: We are not a law firm nor a CPA firm. This particular post was created to aid real estate agents on the mechanics of short sales, not to provide buyers or sellers with any advice as to whether to buy or sell a property involving a short sale. Please seek the advice of an attorney or an accountant for those questions.