Thursday, July 15, 2010

MLTA President to Discuss Title Insurance this Sunday on WBAL AM1090

Like many industries, title insurance has come under some scrutiny lately in the media. What goes into a title insurance policy? What does it cost? Is that cost justified?

This Sunday (7/18) at 12:30 PM, Maryland Land Title Association President Nathan Finkelstein, Esq. will speak and discuss the settlement process. He will explain that title insurance producers are in the Real Estate Settlement profession, and will detail the process. He shows title insurance as one component of that process.

For any real estate professionals interested in settlement and title, here is a good opportunity to hear directly from a title industry leader as he answers some pointed questions. Tune into 1090AM at 12:00PM for a general discussion on the topic - Attorney Finkelstein's segment will start at 12:30.