Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facebook for Real Estate? Check out Roost Social Media Toolkit

Looking for new ways to connect with folks in your community? You've probably heard of this thing called Facebook. They even made a movie about it.

But did you know there is a firm in the real estate space that offers not only free webinars but also a free "social media toolkit" for your use?

If you're interested in using Facebook for your real estate business, check out all that Roost has to offer. Starting today and running through the month of February, Roost is offering 20 FREE webinars, conducted by those who really know real estate. For a list of webinar offerings, click here. You'll notice they're very targeted in terms of topic and audience, so regardless of your breadth or depth of Facebook knowledge, you'll likely find something that interests you. And did I mention they're FREE?

Note: We are not affiliated with Roost, nor do we get paid for promoting them. We just like what they do.