Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get educated in 2011!

We are currently scheduling classes for 2011!

We offer a great mix of credit and non-credit classes for real estate agents and loan officers. Here are some of the classes we currently offer:

1031 Exchange: The various aspects of a 1031 exchange transaction, timelines, accommodator role, benefits and overall transactional structure.

Contracts: Contracts on a macro level and the Regional Sales Contract and common addendums.

Ethics: illegal flipping, predatory lending, the history of the code, articles commonly violated, recent decisions and case studies.

From Contract to Closing: After an offer is accepted, we discuss how to keep a contract current, removing contingencies, working with lender and title company and overall how to keep a transaction together until closing.

Negotiating Closing: the anatomy of an offer, understanding offers from buyer's and seller's position, evaluate the merits of an offer, how to support an offer.

Real Estate Agency: the history of agency, fiduciary relationship, terminology, review Virginia/Maryland agency law and required disclosures.

Real Property Rights / Public Records: the various land records web sites available to the public and other services.

REO Representation: the default cycle, REO tasks associated with a transaction, listing servicing, pre-foreclosure involvement and overall REO client expectations.

Safety in Real Estate: how to stay safe in the real estate business, how to practice "safe showings".

The Settlement Process: all the various stages of a settlement from contract ratification to post-closing.

Short Sale Strategies: the "default cycle" from origination to REO, deficiency disposition, phantom tax, listing, packaging, negotiation and case studies.

Title Insurance: the history of Title Insurance and its evolution, various title insurance policies and compare coverage, title insurance claims and prevention.

Transaction Red Flags: the various obstacles to anticipate and various issues that can delay or "blow-up" a transaction and how to address them.

Want to schedule a class? Reach out to your Title Service Rep or call/email us at (800) 530-9372 | info[at]MASettlement[dot]com today!