Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tech Tip: Get your email when you want it!

We've all been there.

An email arrives in your bloated inbox that you know you will have to address, but not until next week.

Or, you've just sent an email out to someone who should respond to you in one week. You want to make sure you're reminded to follow up in case they don't.

Your options have historically been to:

- Keep it in your inbox in the hopes of reviewing it next week.
- Add it as an item in your calendar.
- Add it as a "to-do" item in a tasking program.
- Set up a separate "hold" or "follow-up" mailbox to review later.
- Tie a string around your finger.
- Forget about it.

Until now.

With Laytr and NudgeMail, you can simply forward any email to a date in the future and you'll get it at that time. It's simple, easy, and a great way to keep your inbox at zero by putting in front of you only what you need to handle today.

Try it now! If you're getting this post via email, forward it to Dec.21@laytr.com or Dec.21@nudgemail.com, and put off reading it for a week. Don't worry, I'll never know. :)