Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: A Second New Year's Day

January 1st is the day we typically choose to let old habits die and replace them with new, better and healthier ones. I've always found it difficult to come off the "Holiday High" with a vow to exercise, eat healthy, and organize my day better. I start off well, but start hitting the Dip a few weeks later.

This year, I think we get a second chance for our New Year's Resolutions.

Unless you live under a rock (and that rock doesn't have cable or wifi) you know that Barack Obama becomes our 44th President today. Put politics aside. Some folks were fine with the status quo. Many folks were not. Many folks thought John McCain would better lead our country. Many more did not. But all folks can agree on one thing: As of today we have a new President and a new Administration, and the torch is being passed in pretty dramatic fashion.

I view today as a new beginning. Not a better or worse one, as only time will tell. But a new one, and with that comes the opportunity to be better. A better person, company, and industry. If New Year's came and went and you missed the chance to put a plan together to start fresh, why not do it today?