Monday, January 5, 2009

New year, new goal

Good real estate bloggers make it look easy.

If I've learned one thing since dipping my toe into the blogoshere, it is that good bloggers make it look effortless. I wouldn't know it was difficult by merely reading the content -- that's the point. If the reader has to work too hard, the writer hasn't done his job correctly. I know it is hard because I read the Twitter updates that were posted at 4:00 AM vetting out the topic, I see the many comments and the thoughtful responses, and - most importantly - I have foolishly convinced myself I could "pound out" a post in an hour in between meetings, only to settle on an update on the light rail.

I've also learned a lesson that is much more valuable: There are hundreds of real estate agents and loan officers out there who are extremely passionate about what they do for the purpose of helping buyers and sellers. If there is a new movement afoot to bring "customer-centricity" to this industry, I want to be part of it. Good things happen out there every day, but like the news it gets relegated to the back page.

With these two revelations, I made a commitment to (1) make this blog my voice, and not just the voice of a corporate logo (2) post frequently, and (3) provide content that gives agents, loan officers and (in a shot of ambition) buyers insight into what we do and how it can help them and their clients. Call it MASettlement.blogspot 2.0!

Upcoming topic at some point this week: Why REO closings can take so long to settle.