Thursday, May 7, 2009

Notes from Terry Watson's Speaking Engagement in Falls Church, VA Today

[Note: Today's blog entry has been submitted remotely from Derek's Blackberry. I apologize for any typos and grammar issues!]

I have now seen Terry Watson speak on 3 different occasions, While nothing can replace seeing him live, I always come away with some notes and takeaways. I thought this would make for a great blog entry. If you want information on Terry, go to

- Many agents leave themselves vulnerable. Example: Don't have 90% of your biz with one relo company. Ask yourself, "Where am I vulnerable?"

- Don't be the Polaroid, be the Kodak digital. Reinvent yourself.

- Cost-Benefit analyze EVERYTHING!

- Airlines have trimmed costs. Run your business like them. Cut costs wherever you can!

- Top Things to do NOW: Get a YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn account. Reduce your debt. Market green. Tell, don't show. Use humor. CASE: Copy And Steal Everything!

- Use Right Tools Right Now and ProQuest.

- Use media (articles, blog posts) to reinforce your points to buyers/sellers.

- Kill the urge to quit.

- Trademark your slogan.

- Every day, improve something just a little. Think Hyundai.

- Use video and photo extensively. No head shots, but full body shots doing stuff.

- Media's job is to shock and scare. Understand that.

- Read the book "Nuts" about Southwest airlines. It's OK to have a sense of humor.

- Show your customers where the money is going! Be transparent.

This is just a snapshot of what Terry brought to the table today. My notes could never fully capture his energy, passion and humor, but hopefully there is a nugget or two in this post that is helpful!